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Ray J ended up walking away with about $34 million and over 18 million common shares in LOOPShare.

Ray J’s Bike Sharing Company ScootEbike / LOOPShare Projected To Make Over $200 Million in 2020

ay what y’all want about Ray J, but the man knows business! He is expected to secure a hefty bag in 2020 thanks to his bike sharing company ScootEbike.

Dame Dash and Adam Show Episode #1, discuss Kanye’s new album Jesus is King

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Every Dollar Counts

Hustlers and Entrepreneurs

manage their dough.

Every Dollar Counts / November 10, 2019

Think Like A Grand Master Entrepreneur

Every Dollar Counts / November 10, 2019

Kanye West: Uncensored and Uncut

This platform is so dope for Artist to get the direct connection to the people. I Salute Grind Magazine for giving Independent Artist and Entrepreneurs a platform

Infamous Thierry CDG ENT. #FLYHIGHRYAN

One of the Hardest Working Street Teams From The Midwest went Magazine. They Stay on their Wake Hustle Grind

DJ JOHNNY' O CEO & Mp3 Pool. Nerve DJs We Break Yo Trax Not Yo Stack$

The collaboration and product placement The Grind Magazine provides the best. They pay attention to the small things and this makes Magazine Dope! I can market on social media and print simultaneously.


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